​​​​​​The Center for Intelligent Recovery


"Nancy Vogl is the most dedicated and passionate service provider I have worked with.  It isn't just work for her. She goes above and beyond. With out her I wouldn't be alive."

                                 --Sandra Jensen



"I've been working with Nancy since the age of 15. Today I'm 22. Since there's been so many great things I have gone through with Nancy, I have to make a great story short. I have learned a lot,and 'til this day, her patience and love toward youth has me thinking how effective kindness and attentive listening is. I've gotten to learn independent skills, what to do in times of crisis, she taught me to not give up on a dream, about teamwork and in a positive way taught me not to be judgmental - and to get to know different people. I thank Nancy and highly respect everything she has to do, for I know it's a life changing experience just knowing her, and the programs she has introduced me to, changed me."

                                     --Alejandro Guerrero

Peace Begins With Medemonstrates Nancy’s commitment to a healthier world. She has worked in the non-profit community as a youth development professional in Northern California since 1979. Respected by her peers as a songwriter, her reflective, challenging, visionary lyrics combine the grace and humor of '40s musical show tunes, the solid power of '70s acoustic rock, the heartbreak of country ballads and the clean picking of bluegrass. The message of PEACE is a healing balm in this tumultuous world.


​​What Can Just One Dollar Do To Help Youth and Young Adults?

The Answer is - A Lot!

The song is a CALL TO ACTION!

In the United States torn apart with vitriol and alienation, the stress and challenges on today's youth are staggering, and it's harder than we imagine. Creating space for understanding, listening, vulnerability, authenticity, compassion, healing and support is crucial!

For almost 40 years I've asked others to fund wonderful programs in great agencies. Now it's time I generate my own funding!

With your help, we can raise, uh... a MILLION DOLLARS! $1.00 at a time! Those dollars add up and it's my goal to make this request go VIRAL!

Where will the money go?

90 cents of each dollar will go to fund the Center for Intelligent Recovery and the new KICKFLIP Program. (Learn More...)

Is it legit?

All operations of the Center will align with best practices of non-profit management, such as GuideStar. 

ONE DOLLAR. ONE LIFE.  I can't do this without you.

If you’d like to contribute more than $1.00, thank you! Use the DONATE link on the site, next to Nancy’s Song on the Top Menu Bar

​-Nancy Vogl